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Astra-8 for Immunity

Posted by Laura B.

Astra-8, a Chinese herbal formula made by Health Concerns, has been an incredible find for me. After spending years of my life sick with bronchial-type problems, including everything from the typical chest cold to pleurisy ad pneumonia, I have finally found my cure. Taking Astra-8 daily can help build the immune system in general. Alternatively, you can take it after beginning to feel unwell, to nip disease in the bud. The formula contains Astragalus, well known for immune-enhancing properties, along with seven other Chinese herbs: Ligustrum, Ganoderma, Eleutheroginseng, Codonopsis, Schizandra, Licorice, and Oryza. Although Astragalus alone can be helpful, I recommend doing an internet search and ordering this herbal combination, which is also revered by Dr. Weil. (
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  Here's a summary of this herb from U of Maryland.  Also, from Memorial Sloan Ketterin. 

 Anyone know of any side effects or safety testing results with Astragalus?



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