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Asparagus For Health

Posted Apr 06 2010 10:05am
OK we hear daily to eat more vegetables for health benefits but what are these 'health benefits'? Since it's going to be harvest time for the wonderful asparagus soon you might want to know why this is a great veggie to eat!

Asparagus has been used since ancient time in Indian medicine as a cure for many disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Along with its protective effect on the cells of the stomach and intestines, asparagus has also been noted to have antioxidant and immune stimulant effects. Asparagus has been prescribed for the treatment of ulcers in the stomach and intestines. Furthermore it has also been used to cure disorders of the nervous system, liver and certain infections.1, 2
The roots of asparagus contain a wide number of compounds that possess antioxidant abilities. The presence of these compounds may be attributed to the health benefits associated with the use of asparagus. Numerous studies are being conducted worldwide to study the beneficial effects of these antioxidant compounds on the human body. Antioxidants present in asparagus help protect against several disorders that result from the increased action of free radicals and other harmful substances in the body.3

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