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Are there any Protein Powders that taste good?

Posted by Karine G.

I am a vegetarian & want to start adding more protein to my diet. I bought some protein powder at Trader Joe's and it was gross! Does anyone recommend any Protein powders that taste good?
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I like the Trader Joe's brand powder. I'm not sure what powder you got at Trader Joe's, but their brand powder always tasted good to me (the vanilla). I tried another brand there in a blue canister and that had a funny aftertaste. Since you did not specify which brand you got at Trader Joe's, I would recommend the Trader Joe's brand with vanilla. Mix it up in a smoothie with some fruit and soy or almond milk.

I really like Jarrow Whey chocolate powder- I had gone to look in Whole Foods at different powders and they were giving out samples. They mixed it with almond milk and it tasted just like regular chocolate milk.

I quite like Spirutein too- you can get individual packs to try different flavours.

I think most powders have a slightly weird taste until you get used to them- I would recommend blending them with some sort of milk (regular, soy, almond, etc), banana and ice to mask the protein-y taste.

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