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Appetite Control Patch - Suzanne Somers Recommends SP6 Complete

Posted Jan 20 2011 1:13am
I'm always on the lookout for alternative products for health. Rarely have I found any product for weight loss that is not real food based. Until now...

I've been using the LifeWave drug-free patches for energy and anti-aging for five months. I've had surprising results, as have friends and relatives that have tried the pain patches.

After reading Suzanne Somers new book, Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat after Forty I wanted to test the "SP6 Appetite Control Patch ". I know Suzanne Somers is an alternative health  fan, I still wondered if this weight loss patch she used  really worked.  I was pleasantly surprised and very happy when I didn't want bread, donuts or even salty chips. I know I shouldn't even think about those fake foods and I usually don't. I guess I got lazy about food during the holidays. I'm back to normal with eating.  The cravings are gone and the belly fat is coming off.

The SP6 Complete System was developed as a multi-stage approach to weight loss. Since most people have multiple reasons as to why they are overweight, SP6 Complete uses multiple approaches to assist people in achieving their weight loss goals
• A new non-transdermal patch that stimulates acupuncture points known to control appetite.

• An antioxidant Maqui Juice Cocktail that detoxifies your system and has you losing weight in as little as 2 days.

• A broad spectrum of time-released nutrients that gives you over 10 hours of daily antioxidant protection, natural fat burning without stimulants, digestive and immune support - all necessary elements when trying to lose unwanted body fat.

• A state of the art time-released meal replacement that provides 34 grams of protein delivered to your body over a period of 5 hours.

• Sensible guidelines for proper eating habits and exercise to help you lose unwanted pounds and keep them off.

Try the patch alone or the complete system. Visit my LifeWave site and the LifeWave SP6 site to learn more.

If prompted on the LifeWave site, referral ID 740245

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