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Aloe Vera the Miracle Plant

Posted by Kenna M.

I rediscovered this plant this week -- it is awesome if not sweet.

At the site lists 10 reasons to use aloe vera:

Dental Health and Hygiene

Provides Rapid Soothing

Aids in Healthy Digestion

Immune Support and Function

Regulates Weight and Energy Levels

Collagen and Elastin Repair

Daily Dose of Minerals

Daily Dose of Vitamins

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Body-Building Blocks

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I will need to drink the juice. I have never done so, but will try some soon. Trader Joe's also carries an excellent Aloe Vera Gel. I use that and wow! It is a great product. I remember using it when I first got into health food, but moved on, funny. It's such a simple plant but essential.
Drinking it is excellent for your colon. It also acts as a nice astringent for the inside of your mouth as it's headin' down the hatch.
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