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Aging Gracefully

Posted by Tracii H.

Many supplements are touted as anti-aging aids and supposedly raise levels of hormones that are thought to decline with age. These may or may not be effective, and may have considerable side effects. Don't take any such supplement without consulting a doctor first. For a more reliable approach, simply exercise. A good workout raises levels of testosterone and growth hormone and meditation increases DHEA. You’ll save money, improve overall health and well-being, and avoid the risks that can be associated with anti-aging “magic bullets.”
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Drinking plenty of water is also good for naturally aging healthfully. It's good for your health and your skin! Check out this article: The article also talks about bottled water vs. tap water, which I found quite interesting!
My mother-in-law is 91 and is still in her house taking care of herself. She is still driving and has faster reflexes than I have. Until a couple of years ago she was very active as a walker. At age 86, she and my wife went to Italy, and they walked and climbed stairs everywhere they went.
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