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At virology blog, my goal is to educate you about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Why am I qualified to teach you virology? I have been studying viruses for over 30 years, starting in 1975, when I entered the Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine of the City... Full Bio
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TWiV 298: MV-NIS de myelo

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Celebrating 300 episodes of This Week in Virology

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Zaire ebolavirus in West Africa

Dr. Tom Solomon is Director of the Institute for Infection and Global Health at the University of Liverpool. Here he speaks with Vincent...

Ebolavirus vaccines and antivirals

As the epidemic of Zaire ebolavirus in Western Africa continues ( 1,779 cases and 961 deaths in four countries ), many are questioning why...
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Apr 30 2010 by Venera G.

Dear Dr. Racaniello, does, can varicella zoster be trasmitted to parrots? Thank you. VG


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