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Eating out

At the bar: Avoid the fatty appetizers

Especially stay away from the breaded and fried ones, which have too much (trans) fats, and too many calories.

At the bar: Beef burger, hold the mayo

If you hold the mayo (and the cheese), a burger with condiments may be the best bet.

At the bar: Chile is good

Its one of the few items you can order at the bar that is not fried.

At the bar: Don't fall for crispy chicken

Crispy means FRIED. Go for grilled or roasted chicken instead.

At the bar: Go for side orders

The healthiest meal on the menu will be a side order of steamed veggies, and a baked potato. Use hot sauce, not butter.

At the bar: Watch your chicken salad

Steer clear of the crispy chicken and ranch, go for the grilled chicken and vinaigrette.

BBQ: Avoid the presweetened tea or lemonade

These often have huge amounts of sugar or other sweeteners added. Order tea unsweetened and add sugar to taste.

BBQ: Go baby back

These ribs are the leanest - order them dry rubbed to taste the meat (and avoid the sugar in the sauce).

BBQ: Go lean with the brisket

Order beef brisket "lean" not "wet" to reduce the fat and unnecessary calories.

BBQ: Order a side dish carefully

Baked red beans have great protein, fiber and antioxidants. Stay away from breaded, fried, creamed, or tossed in mayo choices.

BBQ: Order blackened catfish

Stay away from the battered and fried version for a flavorful meal that is good for you!

BBQ: Stay away from fatty ribs and BBQ sauce

The sauce loads up sugar and calories, and St Louis and Texas style ribs have too much fat.

BBQ: Try the chicken

It's the leanest meat you'll find in a BBQ restaurant, if you order it rotisserie or baked, not fried.

Breakfast: Avoid anything fried

Especially home fries/french fries, which are a fatty carb load you can do without for breakfast.

Breakfast: Avoid eggs benedict

Any dish covered with Hollandaise sauce will bust your fat and calorie budget, even before you get to the egg yolks.

Breakfast: Choose wheat toast over white

Make it dry (no butter!), and add a small amount of jam or jelly for flavor.

Breakfast: Choose bacon over sausage

Neither is very good for you, but there is less fat and fewer calories in a slice of bacon than a pork sausage.

Breakfast: Choose Canadian bacon over ham

There is less fat in and more protein in Canadian bacon.

Breakfast: Eat oatmeal

The whole grain oats provide fiber without fat or salt.

Breakfast: Try feta and spinach omelettes

Feta is lower in fat than other cheeses, and spinach is a great source of vitamins A and C, and iron.

Chinese: Avoid the "crispy"

Crispy dishes are breaded and fried, adding unnecessary fats and calories. Its even worse when the sauce is laden with sugar.

Chinese: Avoid the fat

Sesame, orange, and General TSO's preparations are crispy breaded or fried".

Chinese: Enjoy the fortune cookie

It's too small to hurt you.

Chinese: Lo Mein, high fat

The problem is the fat used to cook the noodles, not the fat in the added pork or beef.

Chinese: Order brown rice

Whole grain rice is better for you than white rice (it has more fiber), but limit your intake of these relatively empty calories.

Chinese: Order it steamed

Always the best option, as it preserves food's natural flavors, and skips the added fat and sugar.

Chinese: Peking duck is pretty good

At least, it has less fat than the stir fry.

Chinese: Savor the soup

Won ton and hot and sour soups are lean, nutritious, and great options on the menu.

Chinese: Split the entrees

Each one will serve at least two people, so share. If two people order two entrees, plan on taking half of each home with you.

Chinese: Stay away from sweet and sour

It's deep fried and covered in sugary sauce.

Choose the low fat appetizer

A salad or a vegetable dish will have fewer calories, and much less fat.

French: Avoid the "confit of …"

Any confit meat dish is slowly stewed in its own fat.

French: Beurre blanc badness

This sauce has way too much unsaturated fat, next only to Hollandaise in unhealthfulness.

French: Fill-up on Fruits de Mer

The variety of seafood is all good -- but stay away from any creamy or buttery dipping sauces.

French: Share the crème brulee

It has too much fat and sugar for any one person. Better yet, order a dish with fruit (pie or crepe).

French: Skip the onion soup

It's the layer of Gruyere cheese and the croutons that get you. The soup itself is pretty good.

French: Steer away from Steak Frites

It's a fatty cut of beef, topped with a fatty sauce, and served with fat-laden, deep fried potatoes.

French: Try Steak tartare

If you like the taste of raw meat, this lean cut of beef is unadorned with fatty sauces.

French: Try tuna Nicoise

It's one of the best items on the menu. It provides a lean protein in the tuna, plus a great selection of vegetables.

Indian: Do the Dal

Dal dishes are stewed lentils, a great source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

Indian: Go vegetarian

The maximum nutrition comes from combinations of chickpeas, lentils, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes.

Indian: Pass on Pakora

Battering and deep frying kills the benefit of these mangled vegetables.

Indian: Pick the soup

It's the most nutritious appetizer, and lets you steer clear of the fried alternatives.

Indian: Skip the Samosas

They are fried, which adds unnecessary calories and fat.

Indian: Try Chicken Tikka, avoid Tikka Masala

The former is lean meat with yogurt and spices, the latter is filled with cream.

Indian: Try Tandoori

It's dry oven baked with spices for lean tasty results.

Mexican: Avoid the rice

White rice is of little nutritional value. Worse, it's often fried in oil.

Mexican: Choose corn tortillas

Soft flour tortillas have up to 250 calories, versus only 150 for corn. Avoid the hard shell tortillas - they're higher in fat.

Mexican: Choose whole beans over refried

The refried beans are mashed and cooked in lard; whole beans have lots of fiber and complete protein.

Mexican: Guacamole is good

The fats in avocado are mono unsaturated, so they are not so bad for you. Plus, avocados have lots of vitamin E.

Mexican: Mole is great

This traditional Mexican sauce covering chicken is a nutritional delight -- much better than the cheese and sour cream alternative!

Mexican: Skip the enchiladas

They are filled with fat, too much cheese, and sour cream. With 55% of the calories coming from fat, make a wiser choice.

Mexican: Steer clear of taco salads

The sour cream, beef, cheese, and fried shell all conspire to load up on fat and calories. Where's the salad?

Mexican: Try the fajitas

Stuff just the meat, onions, and peppers in a tortilla -- leave out the sour cream and cheese for a low fat, high nutrient meal.

Pizza Parlor: Add a salad

If you fill up on salad, you will end up eating fewer calories and less fat from the pizza.

Pizza Parlor: Ask for low fat

Ask for low fat mozzarella cheese, and avoid the high fat toppings: pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, extra cheese.

PizzaParlor: Avoid anything "parmesan."

Breading, frying, and adding cheese to anything bulks up on calories and fat.

Pizza Parlor: Go for the garlic

Fresh garlic reduces your cholesterol. (You may want to make sure your partner joins you).

Pizza Parlor: Pesto is second best

Red marinara sauce is best, but pesto sauce is better than white clam sauce, or - heaven forbid - creamy alfredo sauce.

Pizza Parlor: Stick to red sauces

Red sauces have fewer calories and fats, and more nutrients, than white sauces.

Seafood: Consider Cioppino

This assortment of fish in a low fat broth is fabulous, and good for you too.

Seafood: Fooey on fried shrimp/oysters/crab cakes

The fryer adds way too much saturated fats and calories. Choose the grilled, broiled, baked alternatives.

Seafood: Go red

Try the tomato-based bisques. Stay away from the white, cream-based stews and soups.

Seafood: Go shrimp cocktail

It's lean meat with nothing added. But keep to fewer than 5 to limit the cholesterol they carry.

Seafood: Minimize the mercury

Fish with high mercury levels include swordfish, shark, and king mackerel -- AVOID if pregnant or under 16 years.

Seafood: Prepare it blackened

The blackened spices are a tasty preparation that keeps the fish lean.

Seafood: Stay away from clam chowder

At least, stay away from the white, cream-based chowders. Go for the red, Manhattan chowders instead.

Seafood: Toss the tartar

Its tempting, but keep away from this creamy, fatty, unhealthful sauce.

Steakhouse: Go filet mignon

It is the leanest cut. But stay away from the bearnaise and any other creamy sauces.

Steakhouse: Go filet mignon

It is the leanest cut of beef. But stay away from the bearnaise and any other creamy sauces.

Steakhouse: Go for grass-fed beef

Its leaner and has more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef.

Steakhouse: Keep it lean

Stay away from prime sirloin and porterhouse - too much unsaturated fat. Go for the leaner cuts (top sirloin, filet mignon).

Steakhouse: Lobster without the butter

Lobster is a very lean meat that contains 1/2 the cholesterol of shrimp. So keep it healthy by skipping the butter.

Steakhouse: Stay away from rib-eye

Its juicy, but all that marbling is unsaturated fat inside the meat that you cannot cut away.

Steakhouse: Try top sirloin

The leanest cut other than filet mignon. But stay away from the bearnaise and any other creamy sauces.

Sushi bar: Try edamame

This steamed soy bean is high in fiber and protein, and low in fat and calories.

Sushi bar: Try yakitori

These skewers of lean meat and vegetables are rich in nutrients, and low in calories.

Thai: Enjoy the curries

Whether green, yellow or red, the coconut-milk base is a heart-healthy foundation for these curries.

Thai: Forget the fried rice

You know that it is soaked in oil for too many calories and too much fat.

Thai: Go for veggies

Thai preparation of veggies is flavorful, and fat free. Enjoy the ginger, garlic, and chilies.

Thai: Pad Thai is OK

This noodle dish has low saturated fat -- but watch your portion size to minimize the carbs.

Thai: Pass on Pla Lard Prik

This is another crispy dish -- deep fried, fat laden, and altogether too many calories.

Thai: Skip the fried Tofu

The Tofu absorbs too much fat when it is fried.

Thai: Skip the iced tea

Thai iced tea is loaded with cream and added sugar.

Thai: Succulent Satay

Chicken satay is lean meat with a spicy peanut sauce -- good for you.

Thai: Summer not spring

Spring rolls are deep fried, summer rolls aren't; 'nuff said.

Try the raw shrimp

Shrimp are low in fat but high in cholesterol, so take it easy (10 medium shrimp give you 30% of your suggested daily cholesterol).