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Pilates Tips


Bend your knees

Bend your knees to protect your back.

Do a duet

Try working out with a friend.

Focus on breath

Make sure to focus on your breath. It's the most important part of your routine.

Go private

Sign up for private instruction to get personalized attention.

Mix it up

Vary your routine to keep from getting bored.

Quality not quantity

Joseph Pilates said he'd rather see one abdominal exercise done properly than 100 done wrong.

Reformer + Mat

Do both reformer and mat exercises to get a full workout.

Take a class

If you're new to Pilates, take a class to get instruction on how to do the different exercises.

Try a new studio

Try out a new Pilates studio.

Try a ring

Try using an exercise ring or Magic Circle.

Try different styles

Try out different styles of Pilates.

Warm up

Taking the time to warm up your body and mind will make your Pilates workout more effective.