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Healthy Eating Tips


Avoid problems with dairy

If the lactose in dairy products gives you gas (or worse), take lactase pills before eating dairy.

Avoid unhealthy fats in dairy products

Pick the fat-free or low-fat option. Don't give up on your calcium!

Eat calcium-rich foods

Get 3 cups of fat free milk, or equivalent each day (3 cups milk = 4.5 oz cheese).

Get 1000mg calcium every day, even if you don't like dairy

Try calcium-fortified foods, soy, salmon, sardines, spinach, turnips, cowpeas, and white beans.

Get 1000mg calcium every day

Dairy products are the best source. 1 cup milk=300mg, 2oz cheese=400mg, 8 oz yogurt=400mg.

Get more calcium

If you are under 18, or a woman over 45, increase your daily calcium to at least 1300 mg.

Order low fat dairy at restaurants

Ask for low fat or non fat options when ordering milk, cheese, yoghurt ,and ice cream at restaurants.

Plan your dairy

For a 2000 calorie menu plan, include 2-3 servings. Sample servings: 1 cup fat free milk, 1 cup yogurt, 1.5 oz low fat cheese.

Stick to your calcium goal

Ask yourself at dinner if you have had your daily servings of dairy. Add 1 or 2 servings to meet your goal.