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I thought I would start a blog of adults with Congenital Heart Disease. Instead of talking about their disease, talk more about the stories, and how they see life. I want to ask a series of questions and see what answers I get. Also I want to be able to let some of the first generation of... Full Bio
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Adventures in Social Security Disability Part 2

First off the people reviewing your case are not medical professional and most cases are denied because the medical document isn’t clear to...

Adventures in Social Security Disability Part 1

Applying for Social Security Disability is not an easy process. Like anything it is about preparing, and knowing what you need to send along with...

Blog List

I will start linking other heart realted blogs from other adults and parent of Congenital Heart Disease patients. If you would like to be on my...

I celebrate the person I have become from knowing him

Robert Kimani Mungai was born Nov 3 1975 and passed away on Feb 13th 2007 from CHD. Kimmie was the first person with CHD I actually...

To the ones we lost this year!

Here we are again, Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week, this past year we have been able to pass the Congenital Heart Future Act with the...

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