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The purpose of my blog is purely educational. My mother was not in good health for years - it all started when she was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) - cause unknown (or idiopathic - as the docs say). There were many occasions when I had to spend hours trying to get information... Full Bio
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Medication Safety – How safe is your medicine?

It is National Safety Month and we all know that health and safety go together. While there are several aspects to health, I think one area that...

Cyberbullying and its effect on Mental Health

We all know that bullying (of any kind) can have a significant short-term effect on the mental health of a child… but it’s increasingly clear...

Should you switch to the DASH Diet?

I’ve been seeing a lot of references to the DASH diet – rated the #1 diet for four years in a row by the US News and World Report, and on World...

How to Take Care Of Your Overall Hearing Health

Have you recently turned down invites to parties only because you struggle to be a part of your friend’s conversation due to the noise around?...

21 reasons to switch to Hydro-Jal Plus alkaline and anti-oxidant rich water

Man may be able to survive without many things, but without water, there is no life. Did you know… Our lungs are 90% water Our brain is 80%...

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