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So, for anyone curious as to how to get more flexible for skating, here is the first half of the stretches that I do every day. I started doing these back in March, holding each stretch position for about 15 seconds(yes, hold it for that long.. I know...
Views: 1246
Posted by: Julie A.
Date: 06/06/2007

Incredible Tonic Body Training (by Alex Sayhi)

Exercises to build your body by a professional acrobat.
Views: 1237
Posted by: Raffi L.
Date: 06/20/2007

Workout video with Dolph Lundgren (lower body)

80's workout video with Dolph Lundgren (Ivan from Rocky IV!)... This one is for lower body.
Views: 2395
Posted by: John M.
Date: 06/26/2007

Laird Hamilton Riding a Wave

Considered one of the world's greatest surfers, Laird Hamilton is taped while riding a big one. Beautiful footage!
Views: 445
Posted by: Kathleen D.
Date: 08/23/2007

The 300 Workout!

This is the workout the 300 cast had to complete!
Views: 3116
Posted by: Nikki F.
Date: 08/29/2007