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Rafting the Zambezi

The waters are rough and definitely get the best of you.
Views: 525
Posted by: Chris C.
Date: 06/06/2007

Learn to dance the "Foxtrot" clip from my instructional ballroom dancing DVD.

This is a demonstration of the FOXTROT steps you can learn from our "Your First Dance" instructional DVD geared toward wedding couples. Instructor Deborah Fields teaches you slowly and clearly so you master this dance in a very short time. Other dances...
Views: 725
Posted by: Deborah P.
Date: 10/03/2007

Health News - Outdoor Secondhand Smoke.

This video presents findings and discusses the effects of smoking on the quality of outside air. This study was conducted by Stanford researchers.
Views: 611
Posted by: Jody S.
Date: 10/10/2007

Kirkwood, Dec. 15 2007

The only person who could take this was hanging at the lodge, so this was the best I could do. But the season's just starting ...
Views: 212
Posted by: michael p.
Date: 01/31/2008

Child Speaks 10 Months After Cochlear Implant Activation

At 19 months of age, and only 10 months after receiving bilateral cochlear implants, Drew is now able to say many different words. He even sings a couple songs too! To follow Drew, visit
Views: 908
Posted by: Drew's Dad .
Date: 07/05/2008