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I write an eating disorder recovery blog; my own personal journey for health and to share what I believe in, that there is always hope. It also focuses on my dream to becoming a published author, a tool I firmly use in recovery and while I'm walking towards my goals, to pay bills I work on the... Full Bio
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Jun 12 2009 by melissa K.

I am glad you see that you needed to change, I am a mom 29yrs old  3 kids and was sick for 3 yrs don't know what triggered it just decided not to eat and If I did I would just purdge after.. I was 120Lbs 5'6 was down to 87Lbs I looked gross and my kids were embaressed of  me or to be seen with me..but for whatever reason I woke up one day looked in the mirror and said " enough" I then made a point to eat small meals every 3 hours and continue to exercise I am not 115Lbs and it's still not easy seeing those numbers but I know I have never looked better I feel great and I get to eat too :)

I feel like I have a normal life now..