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Hi, I am a mom with two toddlers living with a recently diagnosed autoimmune disease called Sjogren's Syndrome. This is causing my kidneys to fail and I am currently in the process of looking for a live donor to give me the gift of life through transplant. I write about my experiences as a mom... Full Bio
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It has been a bu ...

It has been a busy couple weeks! We went to Disney and had so much fun. I need a vacation from vacation. Lol I behaved pretty well...

chronic illness post

Awesome read with those of us with a chronic illness. Just got back from vacation from Disney! Had a blast making memories with my family. As soon...


True. Story.

Sjogren's Syndrome and Kidney Involvement

I have end stage renal failure ultimately caused by Sjogrens. Apparently it has been going on for quite a bit, but it was being sneaky. In fact, I...

Sjogrens......good gravy, I am doomed!

I do believe some of us have thought this a time or two or three get the picture. There is no cure. Yes, we have been brought up a...

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