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In January of 2007, I decided to reform my life and health through the merits of following a low-carb lifestyle. Part of that reformation included starting a low carb blog called "" to share my experiences along the way, as well as help, educate, motivate, and inspire others who are... Full Bio
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Why is the Atkins Diet Not Working this Time?

Why is the Atkins Diet Not Working this Time? Most of the comments or emails I get come from people not new to low carb. They've...

12 Tasty Ideas for Eating Low Carb on a Budget

Eating Low-Carb on a Budget Takes Creativity At first glance, a low-carb diet can look quite expensive. Especially, since the focus is on...

Fresh Cucumber and Tomato Salsa

Fresh Cucumber and Tomato Salsa Ingredients It's been really hot here in Utah for the past few days, over 100-degrees, so I've been...

Atkins 40: the New Flexible Atkins Diet Plan

Atkins 40 Friendly: Sausage and Cabbage Stew with Carrots Atkins Nutritionals has come up with a brand new Atkins Diet. Unlike the...

Atkins 20: Understanding the New Atkins Diet Phase 1

Confused About Atkins 20? This Guide Clears Up the Misunderstandings! I was over at Low Carb Friends yesterday afternoon, and one of the...

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