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Iâ??m 31 and a chubby chick living a quiet life in Canadaâ??s capital. I recently had lap-band surgery and spend a lot of time in the digital domain so this is where I dish the dirt on my journey from the fatness to the fitness (and anything else I find online worth serving up)!
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Open wide…or How I’m Dealing with a Dilated Esophagus

****The was written back in January but I forgot to publish it. Silly me!***** I bet you think you know what full is. I bet you think you know...

Who do you think you are or How I found the truth about the Fake Fella

I’ve been wracking my brain for months on how to tell this tale. It’s crazy. It’s bizarre. It’s utterly ridiculous. And apparently, it’s...

The Commitments or How I changed my Slimband story

When I started this blog, it was to share my Slimband story. Well, it’s been nearly 4 years and things here at the Digital Diva Blog have evolved...

Thanks for the Memories or How I Survived a PB-Free Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canadia which is always a challenging time for this luscious lapband patient. It’s a weekend of alcohol...

Bootyliscious or How Not to Tell a Big Chick She’s Sexy

This, my third video blog, is packed full of updates on my mortgage situation, a couple of long overdue shout-outs, and little something about the...

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