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WIAW #34 OR A Day of Favorites

   Hi Friends!    Are you ready for another edition of WIAW? Me, too! This is actually Sunday's eats, not Wednesday's AND, they all just happen...

Chickpea Omelette

   Hi Friends!    I have a fun and simple recipe for your Monday. Maybe you're on holidays, or maybe you're at work, but either way,...

Happy 4th of July!

   Hi Friends!    I just wanted to take a minute and wish everyone (who's celebrating) a wonderful Independence Day! I may...

Happy Birthday Canada!

   Hi Friends! Source    How are you celebrating this holiday? Praying that it doesn't rain? Ha! Me too. Seriously...

Raw Pad Thai

Hi Friends! I hope you're keeping cool! I think the temperature in my neck of the woods reached 39C or something crazy like that. I'm...

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