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parting is such sweet sorrow

Darlings. I've made the really hard decision to close up shop on Veg is Sexy. I had such a blast writing it the last 9 months and it's been...

The Quesapizza Returns

Do you ever go through food phases? It happens to me all the time. You buy the ingredients to make one thing and suddenly you have to have it...

Skin MD Discount Code!

Back in January I did a VERY POSITIVE review of Skin MD lotion, and also gave away a bottle! To refresh your memory, Skin MD is a really yummy,...

Amy's Soups

I underestimate soup. I just do. I've never considered it a "full meal," and I like to chew my food, so soup has freaked me out in the past....

TV News Snapshot

I saw this and had to post it because it's hilarious. Smile, LAUGH, have a light and happy Friday!

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