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Raspberry Almond Butter Bites by iheartvegetables I’m a grazer. I’m a huge fan of snacking all day rather than eating a few big meals. (Or maybe I... Read on »
Tone It Up Meals: Week 7 by iheartvegetables After an amazing long weekend filled with wedding festivities and champagne, I had to get myself... Read on »
The Weekend by iheartvegetables My only complaint about this weekend is that it went by too fast! My dear friend Alexa got married... Read on »


Maya F. California
Laurel Alanna McBrine Etobicoke, Canada
SnackingonSunshine Boston, Massachusetts
KokosKitchen Delta, Canada

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Maya F. updated their goal to Lose weight. Dec 26 2014
Maya F. updated their goal to Lose weight. Dec 24 2014

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