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Recipe: Best Banana Bread by Living-Learning-Eating This is the gold. You're welcome. Read more » Read on »
The Café Spice Cookbook : A Review, A Worldwide Giveaway And A Recipe For Lentil & Sprout... by Aparna P eople who know me well know I like to read, and a cosy comfortable corner, a good book, a steaming hot cup of tea (even better if it’s masala chai) is one ... Read on »
Triple Berry Crumble on the Grill by Heather Hands, RD I've declared my house an 'oven free zone' for the rest of the summer. Slightly dramatic, I know. Maybe I'll allow some light simmering on the stovetop at night, but NO ... Read on »
Fed Up: “The Film The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to See” by iheartvegetables Ok, so I’ve watched a lot of documentaries about food. Netflix is full of them. Food Inc , Forks Over Knives , Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead … so I almost skipped over thi ... Read on »
What Is In My Bag? Girl on the Go Edition! by Living-Learning-Eating Some stereotypes are rooted in truth. The widely spread perception that it's impossible to go into a Target and only buy one thing is definitely one of those, at least ... Read on »
Spicy Kale Salad by iheartvegetables I’ve tried a lot of kale salads. If it’s on the menu, I have to try it. One of my very favorite kale salads is from a local restaurant here in Richmond called Tazza K ... Read on »
5 Times It's Okay to Take A Cab by Living-Learning-Eating As a city girl - it still feels unreal to call myself that, even though I've lived in NYC for a year and Boston for three - I have plenty of experience with all sorts of tra ... Read on »
Roasted Vegetable and French Lentil Salad with a Tangy Balsamic Vinegar and Fennel Seed Dressing by Sharon ← Health, Happiness and Meditation by Sharon | June 24, 2015 · 7:27 pm ↓ Jump to Comments As usual, this month’s is ... Read on »
The Sprouted Kitchen's Popeye Protein Bowl by Heather Hands, RD If I had the option, I'd almost always choose to eat my meals out of a bowl. Unless we're taking about pizza, and then I'd choose to eat it off the wooden paddle straigh ... Read on »
What I Ate: Tuesday by iheartvegetables I’ve been feeling sort of under the weather this week, but I haven’t been able to really determine what it is. Allergies? A summer cold? I’ve just felt really tired, ... Read on »