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Vegan Cafe Restaurant Review – El Piano, Malaga and Hicuri, Granada by Sharon ← Top Vegan 7 for British Sandwich Week by Sharon | May 22, 2015 · 12:25 pm ↓ Jump to Comments During our Spring vacatio ... Read on »
Chocolate Dipped Caramel S'mores by Heather Hands, RD Last week, in between helping Brent with our bathroom extension/remodel, rearranging the furniture once again, and trying to figure out how to navigate my new iphone, I ... Read on »
A Healthier Chocolate Choice with Plamil! by Living-Learning-Eating It turns out that the UK has more to offer than great tea and awesome accents. I'm half-German, so I'm bound by loyalty to maintain that German ch ... Read on »
Tone It Up Meals: Week 6 by iheartvegetables I’m on week 6 of the Tone It Up challenge which means there are just a couple of weeks left! Honestly, the  asics of the plan have started to become more of a habit, ... Read on »
My Favourite Earl Grey Orange Marmalade with Ginger by Aparna M armalade probably isn't something that children like in general and I found it odd that a children’s book character like Paddington Bear favoured Marmalad ... Read on »
5 Minute (Gluten Free) Appetizer by iheartvegetables Ever since we moved into our house, I want to have people over all. the. time. I love it. I love having a house full of people. I try to keep a few easy ... Read on »
Recipe: Kitchen Sink Salad by Living-Learning-Eating To me, summer has always started on June 1 and will always start on June 1.  I used to consider summer to be June and July, with August leading into fall (thanks ... Read on »
3 Low Carb Vegetarian Meals by iheartvegetables I’ve told you before: I’m a bread girl. I’m powerless against a fluffy dinner roll. I could eat an entire bag of popcorn in one sitting. I’ll steal all of the cracker ... Read on »
Stress-Free Travel Essentials! by Living-Learning-Eating Summer is just around the bend and, judging by the weather in NYC lately, it may even be coming a little early this year! I'm going to be out of NYC this summer and while I' ... Read on »
Indian Street Food - The Bombay Green Chutney Sandwich (Grilled Version) by Aparna L ast week I came across a link to an article that listed 50 sandwiches in the U.S. that one should eat and discovered  that there were only a couple there ... Read on »