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Jazzy Vegetarian Classics – Review & Giveaway! by Veggie D. Facebook   I was so excited last month when BenBella Books reached out to me with an opportunity for  and Giveaway.  I always love testing out new-to-me recipes, but I was es ... Read on »
Let’s Talk About Juice! by Peas in a Blog I’ll admit it: Though I had an incredible time in Colombia being a vegetarian there was hard — I didn’t eat well. Most of the times we ate out my choices were limit ... Read on »
How to Flirt Smart: Tips to Charm and Chat Up the Opposite Sex by Living-Learning-Eating Boys are a mystery. Unless you are one. In which case, girls are a mystery. SmartBook has a fun advice series (watchable on YouTube) for how to flirt smarter - ... Read on »
Thankful Monday by iheartvegetables I’ve got a giant pile of laundry to do, my suitcase isn’t unpacked, and I’m writing this out very late on Sunday evening after what has been quite a day… and I am so happy ... Read on »
The World Needs More (famous) Airheads! by Living-Learning-Eating The World Needs More Airheads! Wait, what? Does this, like, mean that I, like, should, like, drop out of, like, school and, like, learn that, like, valley girl inflection ... Read on »
Stomach-Friendly Pizza and Other Great Things by Living-Learning-Eating Can you believe that summer is just around the bend? This year is moving so quickly! I'm a fan of the fast pace, but definitely need to squeeze every minute out of these las ... Read on »
Five Things Friday by iheartvegetables There are just so many little things that are making me happy today! 1. I’m headed back to Ohio today (like basically right now) and I’m so excited. I’m having a weddi ... Read on »
Mushrooms & Kale Egg White Omelette. by Peas in a Blog Want to know what’s the one item I always get when I go grocery shopping? Kale, I love kale. I love it in salads , as chips , in soups, smoothies & this omelette. ... Read on »
Columbia: The Rosario Islands by Veggie D. Facebook Mike is an excellent vacation planner.  After starting off our with adventures in  Bogota ,  Santa Marta , and Minca , he made sure that the latter half of our trip was all ... Read on »
The Perfect Weight? by Peas in a Blog Is there really such a thing? When I first started my weight loss journey I thought there was — I was dead set on reaching a certain number. All of my time at the g ... Read on »