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Zing Zang and a Quiet Weekend

Posted Feb 20 2011 9:59pm
     Not much action around the Jackson household this weekend (get ready for a photo-heavy post)....Salvie was sicky wicky.  We had three different vet appointments this weekend before one of the doctors figured out he was having an allergic reaction to his medication (his eyes were swollen shut, no chirping, and he didn't even want to hang out with his girlfriend, Violet).  Forrest has been in shock since we bought our puppy...I'm not a very emotional, lovey-dovey person but I'm absolutely head-over-heels for Sal and actually shed a few tears when he wasn't feeling good...craziness.  Gump claims that if he peed and pooped in our floor like Salvador that I would kick him out of the house for good, ha!  Anywho, gremlin is doing much better...moving on.
    In keeping with this weekend's theme...we didn't cook anything exciting either.  Since the weather was perfecto, we woke up with one of these on Saturday morning....
      Sal slept all day long after his vet appointment so Forrest and I spent the afternoon in the yard....watering plants, picking weeds, hitting golf balls, throwing the football, and stepping in an ant bed (I'm still itching).  Lunch time rolled around and the grill master flamed up two Morningstar Spicy Black Bean burgers while I steamed our "fries"....
I turned my burger into a wrap with dijon mustard, spinach leafers, red onion, and of sauce!  My healthier version of a side of fries....steamed broccoli and melty cheese. Berries for dessert - YUM!     Forrest doesn't have much of a craving for sweets...instead, he's got a beer toof.  He swallered his veggie burger lunch with this brewski....      This is the Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale and is brewed by Cigar City Brewing Company in Tampa, FL.  Obviously, the body is dark brown with an off-white head and has a 5.5% abv.  The taste is a combo of hazelnut, wood, chocolate, caramel, and earthy hops and pairs well with a cigar.  This brown ale is slightly sweet with a bitter finish - nice balance of flavors.  Beer guy gives the Maduro a 8.5 out of 10.  Perhaps if he would have puffed on a recommended cigar the rating would be even higher.  Can't get this dankness in Dothan....Forrest found this gem at Highlands Package Store in Birmingham.     After Salvie started feeling better this afternoon (Sunday), I let him roam around the backyard for a while.  Before I knew it...he was covered in red dirt from mouth to paws.  He went straight for the tub..... Salvie loves bathtime...can't you tell?!

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