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Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm

I’m super excited to see that many of you liked my new hair do which I am sending off tomorrow to Pantene’s Beautiful Length’s Campaign.  Again, if you are able, I definitely encourage donating to this wonderful cause, along w/ other organizations like Locks of Love.  This is the second time I’ve done this and I couldn’t be prouder!

Anyhow, sorry I disappeared this weekend.  If you want to blame anyone blame Brad, he takes up too much of my time.  :)  But it’s all fun!

But here are some highlights from Saturday, including where we went to a Cuban restaurant called Cuba Libra with Eric’s family for dinner in Orlando…And in which I’ve written a review that you can find on Foodbuzz but I’ll include it here to read also!  You’ll be able to tell how I felt about it right off the bat…

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I went with a party of 8 people with a reservation at 7.30.
We started off w/ some drinks that others enjoyed (mango mojito: too sweet) and an appetizer plate that included a variety of selections from their menu which included: papas rellenas, chicken chicharrones, guavaBBQ ribs, torticas de cangrejo and black bean hummus. I tried a few of the plantain chips with the black bean hummus while everyone else tried the meat appetizers. I thought the plantain chips were pretty good, and the hummus had a nice flavor, but it was way too salty. Others said the crab cakes were moist and went well with the bed of yucca they came out on. Others enjoyed the ribs and thought the chicken had a smoky/spicy kick.
For my main dish I got the Ensalada de los Favoritos which included watercress, avocado boat, sweet plantain salpicon, Cabrales cheese, Cumin-orange vinaigrette. The salad was extremely small and unsatisfying to say the least. The salpicon for the plaintains was extremely salty and was almost too much to handle, which meant that I didn’t use any of the dressing provided. I tried the cheese to see if I would like it before adding it to the salad and it was horrible. The flavor was so bitter and extremely dry. The only part of the meal I enjoyed was the watercrest because I don’t come around it often, and the avocado because it was ripe.
For dessert I ended with the Cafe con Xocolati: Cuban coffee fused with traditional Mexican chocolate and topped with whipped cream. I went sans the whipped cream and it was very good. I thought it would have more of a coffee kick to it being cuban coffee, but it didn’t. I also had a sip of the Bermuda Coffee: Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Cruzan Rum Cream, Cuban coffee, and it was good, but too sweet and not warm enough when served.
Not only was the food very unsatisfying for many of the people in my party, but the service was extremely slow and we didn’t even end up eating until almost 9.30. We watched everyone around us get their food before us when they had showed up afterwards and were severely irritated.
Overall I would not go back here again

Sunday …well, I don’t know where half my pictures went!  But the day included normalcy like cereal messes, egg hummus sammies, grapes, luna mint cookie bar, salad w/ veggie burger and TLC’s, Cashews and of course the best part of the day…fro ya from A&W and a few sips of Brad’s Root Beer Float.  OMG it’s been years since I’ve had one and it tasted DIVINE.

This week is going to be interesting as I’m heading down to the Everglades after not being down there for so long because it has been so dry and they need the “man power” to get the boats out if they get stuck.  Just means we have to be super duper careful whenever I’m on the boat because I’m not very strong and of much help when it comes to pulling/wiggling them out of the dry dry mud.

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