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Workouts Always Work

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:01pm

I almost made it through the day without shedding a tear…but alas, it is not that time yet.  Again, your kind words have helped me so much and I wish I could give all of you big hugs and make you the best cheesecake I’m able (haha!).

Anyhow, I wanted to let my body rest after that 7.5 miler yesterday so I biked to work today with what felt like a 15lb backpack, since it had all my food, water, binos, papers, etc for work in it!  The bike to work is 2.5 miles, so I did that in the morning (against the wind!) and again riding home.  Soon after I needed to get my blood running so I did a ST workout.  I was super motivated today so I smashed out this session, times three:

  • ABC Legs (stand on one leg, and use the other to slowly spell the ABC’s)
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 lunges
  • 20 back leg kicks
  • 15 tri dips
  • 35 crunches
  • 30 bicycle crunches
  • 40 reverse crunches
  • 20 leg lifts
  • 60 bridge poses

I was a sweaty mess and today I was too scared to venture out into the mosquito lade world, so I resorted to a cold shower.  It actually wasn’t too bad after standing in it for a while.

I finally got to catch up with a dear friend and reserve a hotel for my trip to San Antonio in November for the 1/2 marathon!!! 

At first I was sad about the race, since I was supposed to run it with Brad/have him be my tour guide, but I’m looking forward to it now because one of my parents will be coming out to root me on instead!  We’ll be spending an extra night there after the race so I can rest up and see the Riverwalk, which is right next to my hotel.  So if you’ve been to San Antonio and have any suggestions, let me know!

I’ve spent the evening journaling and listening to the new Colby Caillat cd (which ROCKS!) and now I’m off to read and hopefully get some sleep, which hasn’t been easy as of late.

Night loves.

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