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Work In. Work Out.

Posted Apr 03 2013 1:23pm


Last week, after I got out of an incredible yoga session, someone asked how my yoga class went. My response was simple: It was fantastic! “What made your yoga class so great?”  he asked, which got me thinking: What exactly makes yoga so great? For starters, it’s the only workout I know that also allows you to “work in” — you get both physical & emotional benefits. How exactly does one work in you ask? Here are some ways which yoga helps you work internally:

  • It gives you breathing room. There are no weights to lift, no equipment to maneuver: when you practice yoga it’s just you, the mat & your breathing. You can’t have your phone with you, or watch TV as you practice; it’s just you taking time to breathe. There’s something very liberating & therapeutic about that!
  • You listen to your body. How often do you analyze how your body is doing — why does a certain muscle ache? Are you balanced? We don’t take time to ask such questions must of the time, except when you do yoga. As you move from pose to pose you’re able to scan your body, take inventory of how your muscles are doing, what aches & what feels good. Yoga makes you aware of every inch of your body
  • Mental shutdown. As in, when you’re in savasana & you think of absolutely nothing, you just clear your mind. You put the day aside, your worries, even your emotions, & you just enjoy resting peacefully for several minutes — how refreshing is that?!

So if you’re looking for a great workout that allows you to work internally search no more, yoga is the way to go! Take it from Mr. Adam Levine , yoga is awesome!

Have you tried yoga before? What did you think? Or why haven’t you tried it?

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