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WIAW #9 (?)

Posted Oct 26 2011 1:05pm
I think this is my ninth WIAW type thing (counting the WIAS)...and I just realized that I still wasn't doing it right. Okay, here's the icon
And now, thanks Jenn , for hosting the party!

I think I got everything, this time?

Pre-Breakfast: I had to do somethings early in the morning, so I grabbed something quick before settling down to breakfast about an hour later.

Cucumber with the last of my vegetarian pastete (and a little swirl of mustard and sprinkle of pepper)


Quark, frozen raspberries, slices almonds, Zucchini-Walnut-Prune Murfin

Whole Rye bread with Artisana Pecan Butter (underneath) and Ovomaltine Spread

Tea (I'm more of an under- than an over-steeper)

Roasted brussel spouts (thawed frozen brussel sprouts (sliced) with olive oil and spices). I've been on a roasting-veggies-in-the-oven kick lately (maybe because winter is approaching quickly) and I have yet to find a veg for which the result wasn't absolutely delicious!
More tea with honey. And a side of book. :P
Frozen Mirabellen - frozen grapes, your days are numbered!

An apple, part of which landed in this
Muesli with buttermilk and flaxseeds
Whole rye bread with quark, wildberry jam (not homemade), and walnuts
Another pecan butter-ovomaltine spread wonder : match made in heaven. :)
Chocolate soy ice cream with soy nuts (see a theme?) and 2 crumbled up chocolate creme sandwich cookies...yummers.

Two of these...they always help when my stomach starts feeling wonky.
Zwieback to (hopefully) sort out my stomach
(Dinner time) Snack: I still wasn't feeling top form, come dinner time, so I made myself eat a snack and then I took a nap.

Yogurt with granola, dried fruits, and pumpkin seeds

Dinner: When I woke up (around the same time most people probably go to bed!) I not only felt quite a bit better, but had my appetite back!

A bowl of muesli with buttermilk

A few sundried tomatoes

A slice of whole rye bread with a tasty milk chocolate bar from Aldi

A bunch of salted roasted peanuts

What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW?):

I like different colored long sleeved tees paired with a simple shrunken blazer. And dark jeans, of course. While the tees can really be from anywhere, I think blazers are something worth investing a little money in. You can tell if they're cheap and they can lose their shape quickly, whereas a high quality blazer holds up well over time.
What pieces are your 'splurge' pieces?

Do you prefer light or dark wash jeans?

When do you start thinking about/getting excited for Christmas?
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