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WIAW #103: The dump

Posted Oct 16 2013 6:00am
It's been ages, probably a month or so, since I've done a WIAW and I have some random food photos hanging out on my camera's memory card - so here's a photo-dump style WIAW! These aren't all from one day, nor do they in any way represent any given day's food for me, but they're just some yummy things that I've enjoyed when I happened to have my camera around. I hope you enjoy!

The tofu sausage (the chopped orange bits) looks almost like the carrots, no?

I'm obsessed with blueberries.

And chocolate microwave cakes.


And with yogurt on top?

A perfect snack!

Apples, nom nom nom.

It's not quite as amazing, but still really delicious.


And veggie burgers.

Also, kale? It's one of those things, like dark chocolate with dried fruits, that I didn't like for the longest time - then randomly tried again one day and loved.

Yay for Hump Day!

What's something you used to dislike and now you like?

Do you like tofu sausages/vegetarian burgers?

What's your favorite fall food?
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