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Why Mummy Shape School is unique and really works!

Posted Dec 29 2012 3:37pm
Mummy Shape School is a unique weight management programme for mothers and the reason why it is unique and really works are based on 6 key principles:

1. Nutritional Cleansing rather than fad dieting

A lot of fad diets do not look at ridding you of your impurities or detoxing your system. What this means is that you may be losing weight in terms of mass but not in fat cells. You can actually lose protein or muscle. This is why these diets do not create sustainable weight loss and why you just feel rubbish during the dieting process. Not to mention, you can actually do yourself damage.

Nutritional Cleansing with Mummy Shape School

Nutritional Cleansing with Mummy Shape School

2. Maintains nutrient integrity which protects cells, enhances energy, improves hair, skin and nails

So, not only do you go through an effective detox process with Mummy Shape School but the micronutrients in the Juiceplus+ Shape products ensure you protect your cells, proteins and muscle which means the fat comes off where you want it to and you get the wonderful advantages of increased levels of energy, glowing skin and stronger nails. Just what you need when you are still living without a full nights sleep!

3. Meal replacements are prepackaged, perfectly balanced, easy and convenient to carry which means no extra shopping, weighing, cooking or making of elaborate lunch boxes.

I always find the hardest thing about weight loss programmes is that in their process of trying to teach you simple healthy choices, they tend to over complicate things. There is always added stress with food weighing, portion control or eating things you don’t want to.

What is more simpler than knowing what you are going to have for up to two meals a day and that they fit easily in your handbag? Someone else has done all the hardwork- that guy being a top nutritional scientist who works for NASA…I think you can trust he knows what he is talking about.

4. Quick results which encourages motivation and persistence

Sometimes we just want quick results and sometimes we want to know that the whole process isn’t going to last forever. It is easy to follow a plan for 14 days when you know that you are going to be at least 7lbs lighter and that it is not going to be like this forever. Imagine reaching your goal weight in 30 days and then keep that weight off by simply just doing less of what you did to get there.

Mummy Shape School Results

Mummy Shape School Results

See more results for yourself here on my Facebook page .

5. Appetite suppressants help to curve those hunger pangs and snacking habits

I’m a snacker. I love to nibble. So, for me, this is the truly innovative and unique part to this programme. The Booster in the Juiceplus Shape product range is amazing. It literally stops you feeling hungry. And then if you want to follow the Mummy Shape School Shake and Chew plan you are actually eating healthy gummies…gummies with 27 fruits, vegetables and berries. Real healthy snacks!

6. Builds in activity as an optional extra and a gentle form of support to get you moving

Some people do not response well to being motivated by someone yelling at them or being a total ‘Bootcamp Sergeant Major!”. With the Shape Smiley, you are given your own personal activity programme with a smart pedometer. You only job is to make him smile everyday with 20-40 minutes of gentle activity: walking, cycling, aerobics, zumba, yoga…

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