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Posted by Howie

Hello: Below my stomach, the groin area, is constantly in distention for around 3-4months.  I feel like  I'm pregnant, and am a male! Sometimes the area feels like it is in knots. I am a vegetarian, and really don't eat much, I am only 112 lbs., and should weigh a minimum of 125, according to the charts. Why do I have the bloating / distension, and how can I make it go down? Thank you, H. Kaplan
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Feb. 21 2015, (continued) I forgot to mention that, there is NO pain. It can be very uncomfortable, though. The intensity of the discomfort, varies from almost not noticiable, to worrisome.

Feb. 21 2015

Hello fitnesshealthandfood:

A year ago, in Feb. 2014, I went for a barrium enema, which detected the problem. The colon has somewhat of an enlarged diameter, and is distended, and has an abnormal course, or configuration. However, NO diseases were observed, such as polyps, cancer, etc., at that time.

As far as the gluten goes, I did eliminate buying bread, and do not eat pasta. Even eliminated "granola", aiming for, as U suggested a gluten free diet. Altough I am not 100% gluten free, I do try to avoid it. Now, a year after the barrium enema test, I still have the distension, even after eliminating "this, that, & the other" foods. I need to see an excellent specialist, who also has knowledge of nutrition for vegetarians, to get more specified guidance, if not to improve the condition, at least so it doesn't get any worse. Thank You. 

Hi Howie,

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much discomfort and bloating. What you're describing sounds very similar to what happens to individuals with gluten intolerance. Gluten is a wheat protein. I recommend trying a gluten free diet to see if this provides any relief.

If you have also having pain then I would see your doctor.

 Hope that's helpful!  

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