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When Simple Is Better and EXCITING NEWS!!!

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:00am
This is a kind of long-ish post, but there's a really good reason - I promise. At the end of the post, after my review, I have some exciting news for you guys!

I promise you'll find it exciting, too.

But first, my review!

I'm always coming up with new combinations , loading bowls up high with as many different flavors as I can, and trying to find new ways to shock and delight my and others's taste buds.

Sometimes it's nice to just go back to the basics and appreciate that there can be equal delight in simplicity.

It just has five simple ingredients and uses palm fruit oil to achieve the smooth, creamy, no-oil-seperation texture of Jif peanut butter in a healthier way.

The picture of pure, healthy simplicity, Earth Balance crunchy peanut butter replaces Jif as a staple peanut butter in my pantry. Yum! On a sandwich, with ice cream, in a bowl of yogurt-granola delightfulness, or simply eaten with a spoon from the jar, this peanut butter is a simple delight!

Okay, so my mouth is delighted. Now it's time to delight YOU with that great news I've been promising you!

Everyone who knows me at all (or has been following this blog for several months) knows that I am obsessed with Christmas.

Well, guess what? Just so y'all can get as excited for December as me, I'm hosting the biggest giveaway series this side of Oprah.

Okay, that could be a slight exaggeration.

But only slight.

Every day from December 1 through December 25 at least one winner will be announced here on my blog. And every day starting today (through two weeks before December 25) there will be a new giveaway here on my blog.

There will be something for everyone, even my international readers!

Okay, much ado aside, here's the first giveaway of the 25 Days of Giveaways!

Since December 1 is when the Christmas season truly starts for me (though let's not lie - I was watching Christmas movies and singing the jingles back in the first week of October) , December 1 is a pretty big deal.

Though I'll still be at school wrapping up the semester and with finals looming (boo!),  December 1  used to be a HUGE day at my house. It was the day that we'd get our Christmas tree and start putting up decorations!

Since I can't have a real Christmas tree yet, as I'm still at my apartment in Boston and not home with family in NC, here's the next best thing.

As the first  giveaway  in my 25 Days of Giveaways, you can win your own yummy Kreations by Keara Christmas Tree Cake Pops!

Christmas Tree Cake Pops
Each chocolate-covered cake pop comes individually wrapped, perfect for snacking, gifting, or stocking stuffing. There are vanilla cake, chocolate cake, yellow cake, and confetti cake pops with vanilla, chocolate, peppermint, and cream cheese icing. Yum!
This giveaway is open to readers in the US and Canada. You have two weeks to enter and the winner will be announced on December 1!

Don't forget to enter my other giveaways , too!
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