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Whats the best source of protein other than meat?

Posted by John M.

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Meat free for me!. Before going cold turkey vegetarian I researched the best way to get protein from non-animal sources... Here's the short list.. 1. Hemp! Oh the wonders of hemp. Sustainable, renewable, and chock full of protein, fiber, and all the essential amino acids. Also, it's not heavily processed like most all commercial Soy products - so less risk of pesticides, etc. Buy the protein powder and use it in a shake. Bulk the seeds in bulk at your local health food store and sprinkle it over fruit, cereal, veggies! Delightful! 2. Quinoa! The grain that's not a grain! It's actually part of the spinach family. Again, lots of amino acids and not an empty filler and high glycemic indexer like rice or pasta. Peruvian soldiers considered it the miracle grain. Cook up a cup of it like oatmeal, add some a banana, scoop of peanut butter and voila! Quinoa and Beans! Quinoa and Curry! Just Quinoa! These are my favorite protein heavy hitters since I'm anti-soy vegetarian..... Good luck!
A Complete Protein:. I was vegetarian for 9 years, always seeking out new ways to satisfy my protein needs. According to my doctor, rice and legumes or beans together make a complete protein, full of essential amino acids. I used to keep a container of brown rice (a whole grain) and a container of red beans, lentils, or the bean/legume of my choice in the fridge. Having these around reminded me to eat them regularly! I added hot sauce and vegetables to create a balanced delicious meal! You can also try Bragg's Amino Acid (a sauce like soy sauce found in health food stores) to cook with or use as a topper.
The Soy Boy Speaks (and wheats). I love soy dogs on a bun with mustard and relish and mustard. They're also great with baked beans. Corn Dogs on a stick made with soy dogs make you feel like you're at a carnival. Make pancakes or waffles with tons of egg whites. This only makes them fluffier and very tasty. Seitan, a wheat gluten product, can be used instead of beef or pork for chili con (no) carne, tortillas etc.
Just remember to watch your estrogen. Don't forget - as I did - that eating an excess of soy really does mess with your estrogen levels. It's very important that you limit your intake, unless you want to grow breasts. (Just kidding - I tried this and it didn't work).
a lot. i won't say tofu/soy b/c where i live it's treated wt hormones so i never eat it BUT i eat: * beans * nuts and since i'm semi-vegetarian...chicken breast and fish (any seafood actually)
seitan is my favourite- soy free, low calorie and really high in protein compared to other sources. Eggs and dairy products like Greek yogurt are good too.
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