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What Happened to Halloween?

Posted Nov 01 2011 12:00am
Well everyone is well aware that last night was Halloween.

My kids barely made it through dinner before they were ready to run upstairs and get dressed up.

I must say they looked pretty cute as a princess and Batman

The princess outfit was complete with rain boots.  We didn't have any rain she just wanted to be like her 4 year old brother who was also sporting boots.

My 9 year old was a character, sorry I can't remember what it is called, from Lord of the Rings (one who keeps watch over the ring).  He didn't give me any silly poses just a serious look

Batman on the other hand was feeling quite silly

They were all ready to go and had practiced their "Trick of Treat" loudly in the car.

Once we got to my parents neighborhood there was a one was home. 

What is up with that?

I think my kids made it to 6 houses when we couldn't find anymore. 

One was my parents house so that doesn't REALLY count because who denies their grandchildren a visit on Halloween?

The plus side of this is that we didn't have to trick or treat for long and we don't have too much candy that I will have to pawn off on co-workers.  However I felt a little sad for my kids because they were really enjoying going up to peoples houses.

Well we will see what happens next year. 

Did anyone else experience any issues?

Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy Halloweeen.
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