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What are some of your fave complete proteins and accompanying recipes?

Posted by Blogilates

New 1 month old vegetarian! Me!
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Quinoa! Seriously.. and you can make it for and with anything. Just google it and a ton of recipes will pop up. It's super easy to make, is a complete protein, and I've never had a bad recipe for it. :)
Chia Seeds!
  • 2x the amount of protein of any grains

    containing all essential amino acids


    I make chia gel! and add them to all of my foods!


    I love doing bread with peanut butter (two incomplete proteins = one complete one) and, if you're lacto-ovo, I love yogurt (especially greek yogurt) for yogurt messes!
    The prime and basic source of protein consumption is eggs. The consumption of protein could not be made as simple, cheaper and tastier compared to eggs, which is the reason they are the necessary element of the diet plan of every athlete.
    I just love peanut butter with bread and also eggs.
    I always choose eggs it contain sufficient protein. Apart from this i prefer yogurt.
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