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What A Bum

Posted Dec 22 2010 5:59pm

Still raining…yep.  It’s supposed to get clear by tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to go out and do some sort of work.  I’m getting a bit of cabin fever…errr…

(How trippy is that fog layer, with the mountains in between and clouds above it!?)


Yesterday was nothing but lazy, other than I did get off my butt and do some yoga…ya know, stretch out those muscles that were totally bugg’n me.  Gone by today though!  And now I feel the need to run!  Yay!  But alas, the day was nothing very exciting…so I’ll share a handful of the pics from yesterday…not everything though, cause I didn’t have my camera!

pics 005 pics 006

(View from my apt while doing yoga)

pics 007 pics 008 pics 016

pics 011

Whit and I went to see The Fighter and wow, it was a great movie!  It was between that and Black Swan and all I can say if you’re mediocre about Black Swan, then go see The Fighter.

I finished up Christmas shopping this morning in the city and battled the weather back to my place for an early lunch that was much needed since I only had an Asian Pear and few handfuls of Heart to Heart for breakfast that morning.

Cat food?  No, but Honey did move up to the big kitty food from kitten food! My little one is growing up!

pics 017

I slathered a piece of multigrain toast with lots of pb and topped it with some cranberry spread and banana slices, with the leftovers on the side.

pics 020

I may or may not have also eaten a piece of banana chocolate chip bread too…so tasty when warmed up!

pics 021

I worked on wrapping gifts throughout the afternoon but it was quite the hassle when your cat just wants to rip everything to shreds (she loves playing with paper) and steal the string off of gifts already wrapped.

pics 026

I got a bit hungry mid afternoon so I snacked on some PB Filled Pretzels and 3/4 apple (the rest of it was rotten, ew)…

pics 027

And now I’m off to the gym and see my counselor for the last session of the year!  Yikes!

But if you’re not bored yet by this boring post, you can read my little surveys that I got tagged for by my lovely friends!

As part of this tag by Jeri , I am to answer 7 questions that she has posed to me and 6 others, and then make up 7 new questions for my deserted island pals.

1.  Since you're all runners, what has been your favorite race you've done to date?
     -I loved the Oregon Wine and Country Half Marathon the most.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful and of course I got to meet some of the greatest bloggers on this planet!
2.  And which is your dream race?
      -The race that runs across The Great Wall of China.  That would be fully freak’n awesome!
3.  What is your favorite holiday and why?
     -I don’t really have a favorite holiday, they’ve just become to commercialized these days…it kinda ruins the real reason they’re around or were created in the first place…makes me sad.
4.  What is your favorite running blog to read (no need to suck up and say mine, as that's a given....)?
    -Of course I love Jeri’s blog cause damned, that woman can run.  But I also like The Kitchen of a Runner and The Hungry Girl Runner .
5.  What is your favorite non-running blog to read (clearly I'm looking for some new awesome blogs to add to my reader)?
   -I love reading Katy’s blog because it’s so informative and The Sweets Life because hello….how could you not want to eat everything she makes off the screen!?
6.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?
     -Um, Real Housewives?  How could you not watch it…they’re so ridiculous!
7.  When are you going to run a race with me?  :)
     -Whenever you get your butt out to CA because I sure as heck am not coming out there to run in the snow…even though I have some here…I hate the stuff!

I also got tagged by Gabriela for the Four Things Survey!

1. Four TV shows that I watch

- One Tree Hill
- The Real Housewives
- Anything on National Geographic
- Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

2. Four things that I'm passionate about

-The Environment

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot

-Awesome (I use this far too often)
-What the What?! (I hate when I say this! haha!)

4. Four things I've learned in the past

-Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.
-Healing takes time, strength and courage.
-Someone is always thinking about you, so you’re never alone.
-A day should never go by without chocolate.

5. Four places I would like to go


6. Four things I did yesterday

-Watch The Fighter
-Went to Trader Joes
-Make a Dark Chocolate version of my Peanut Butter Rice Krispies !

7. Four things I am looking forward to

-Spending some time outside now that the rain’s gone!
-Christmas time with the family
-The Phoenix 1/2 Marathon with Jenn !
-Owning Despicable Me and wishing the littler girl with the unicorn were my daughter.

8. Four things I love about winter

-Wrapping presents (yes, I like wrapping presents)

9. Tag four people to play along

- Meghann
- Bobbi
- Janae  

pics 023

Now it’s time to tame this beast…and retrieve all my ribbon…

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