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We've gone Soyatoo Crazy! and Bulbs...

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am
So I've heard about this fabulous new product called "Soyatoo" for about a year now, and I've been dying to try it. I mean, vegan, healthy whipped cream in a can? How could I not? Except that... it costs $5.99 or more. But recently, Soyatoo has been on sale at ourCo-opfor "only" $3.29, so Daiku and I snapped up a can.

Our first try was to have it on top ofPurely Decadent Raspberry À la Modeice cream with some sprinkles.

First reaction? I must admit, we were both a little disappointed. It tasted so... soy-like. Its blandness contrasted badly with the sweetness of the ice cream. (I think Raspberry À la Mode is my new favorite Purely Decadent Flavor! I'm usually a sucker for anything chocolate, but this stuff was good, with thick swirls of raspberry and chewy brownies... mmmm).

Our second try was somewhat better... a banana split sundae with bananas, frozen blueberries, ice cream and Soyatoo sprinkled with cocoa powder. Much better combination of flavors.

But it was with THIS:

that we had a revelation! Mexican hot chocolate made with cocoa, cinammon, and chilli powder, topped with Soyatoo and more cocoa. Guess what? Soyatoo is SO much better on hot things than on cold. As it melts, its flavor mellows and becomes sweet and creamy, just what you'd want on top of hot chocolate or chai or nog or...

* * *

On the day after Thanksgiving, Daiku and I knew that we could no longer put off preparing our lawn and yard for winter. So we did some raking, put some things away, and funnest of all, planted our bulbs.

I love planting these bulbs at the beginning of winter, and having them surprise us with beautiful blooms at the beginning of spring. Believe me, after a long Syracuse winter, some simple flowers are all it takes to lift your mood!

What did we plant?

Daffodils, muscari, and scilla. We also have some tulips and hyacinths from last year that we hope will come back.

And it seems like winter is finally here. After being amazed with the lack of cold weather and snow for so long, I can now report that it's freezing and snowy in Syracuse!

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