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Way Better Than Avatar 3D, It's Charred Kale w/Sesame Seeds 3D!!!

Posted Mar 12 2011 12:54pm

This is my favorite side dish of the moment, and although there's not a specific recipe, I can at least give you a general idea of how to make it so you can try it out. 'Cause seriously: so damn simple and so damn good.

For one serving, heat a teaspoon or two of EVO on medium-high in a pan. (You can cook the kale without EVO too, but it definitely adds a bit more flavor.) Toss in several fistfuls of rinsed kale. Toss with the oil. Cover. Let cook for a few minutes and then toss in a tiny bit of water and replace the lid (this will just help steam it some). Don't stir too often because you actually WANT it to char a bit. Let it cook until the leaves brighten in color and have started to get tender. Shake some sea salt on top and cover again. Cook until it reaches your desired tenderness and the majority of leaves have some char on them. Shake a bountiful amount of sesame seeds on it and cook a minute more until seeds have browned a little. Pour into a bowl. Don 3D glasses. Eat it like a rockstar.

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