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Washington D.C. : Sticky Fingers

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am

I love my visits to Northern Virginia, because they give me a chance to sample some of the many great vegetarian and vegan restaurants there. (Seethesetwoprevious posts.) On this latest visit, Daiku, my mom, and I got to visit perhaps the best-known of them all:Sticky Fingers. I don't know why I'd never been here before, because it was definitely worth the visit.

Somehow, even though we were faced with this amazing array of sweets, including a huge selection of cakes and cupcakes, Daiku and I opted to go with savory options. You can see from the below photo that we had a lot to choose from:

(Yes, those red tubes you see areTeese!)

Daiku went with the tempeh chicken salad sandwich. The filling was very flavorful, and punctuated with little bits of red onion and raisins.

I decided to treat myself to a veggie dog. When they asked if I wanted that topped with chili and cheese, I had to go for it. And the result was yummy! Even though it looks really decadent, the chili-cheese dog is a nice, edible portion of hot-doggy goodness, and very affordable too.

My mom was the only one who went for dessert- along with her coffee, she ordered the oat square.

Even though it looked really plain compared to the flamboyant cupcakes and sticky buns in the display case, the oat square was delicious and was definitely an excellent choice. It was not too sweet, and had a pleasant chewy texture with a tasty creme filling. Yum! We had to take some coffee and desserts to go with us.

Sticky Fingers was very crowded and filled with groups of friends hanging out and sharing good food. They also had plenty of take-out options- I wish I worked around there so I could have lunch here every day! I can definitely see myself going back there on future visits, laptop in hand to take advantage of the wi-fi and coffee refills on offer.

Our stay was otherwise very low-key, we enjoyed a lot of home-made meals. However, one thing stood out at my mom's house, that I just had to document and share with you. My mom had picked up some vegan ice creams in anticipation of our visit. My aunt also brought some over during one of her visits. I also found a stash of ice creams on sale at the local Whole Foods. The result? Kind of ridiculous, but also kind of fabulous:

From top to bottom: Sharon's coconut sorbet, Purely Decadent chunky mint madness, Temptation peach cobbler, Sharon's lemon sorbet, and Trader Joe's cherry chocolate chip. It seems like overkill, but when you combine a big family and a very hot summer, we had no problem working our way through these. I was grateful, as always, to have such a thoughtful (if sometimes over-the-top) family!

Restaurant Information:
Sticky Fingers Bakery
1370 Park Road NW
Washington D.C. 20010
Phone: (202) 299-9700

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