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Wait, It’s Not January?!

Posted May 30 2011 11:59pm

pics 013

I got back from spending time with Whit yesterday only to find out that it had SNOWED Saturday night!  REALLY?!  It’s almost July Mother Nature…if anything, just don’t make it cold this weekend because I don’t run well in cold, especially if I have to run 26.  Yep, MARATHON IN SIX DAYS!!!


Anyhow…I had a simple breakfast of those strawberries and blackberries with a banana and honey o’s with USVAB for breakfast as I sprinted out the door.  Luckily no one on the road since it’s a holiday!  Yes, this girl works on the holiday…I’m a biologist, I don’t get holidays! 

pics 001

Off to the field with the other work horses…or mustangs!

pics 008

It was some intense birding this morning and man, I need to brush up on my calls! I was getting so overwhelmed but finally pulled it off!  I stopped for maybe 5 seconds to shove my easy lunch into my belly: tortilla and pb with an organic peach and some organic cherries.

pics 010

Seriously, I can’t believe this. It’s like, 90 in some areas of the east coast and I my town maybe hit 72 or 73 today.  Where is my heat that I love?!

pics 015

I got home and drowned myself in bird identification and a piece of Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Bread .  Was great motivation to pay attention to the bird calls…and keep my fingers off my brand new phone.

pics 017

I took a short nap because I was feeling run down (so much rushing around this weekend it had me beat! Thank goodness birding is relaxing…sometimes) then headed out for a short and easy run of 3.8 miles with some abs afterwards.  Then I was ready for dinner!

I have a ton of summer squash and potatoes from my organic produce box so what better than make them the base of dinner, right? Roasted those babies up in Italian seasoning, sided with hummus and ketchup and bam! Simple and easy dinner!

pics 018

Now I’m munching on some more cherries and handfuls of air popped popcorn from TJ’s before an early night and early morning tomorrow!

pics 022

SIX MORE DAYS!!!  I’m so nervoussssssss!!!! How did you get through the week before the biggest race of your life!?!?!?

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