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Vegetarian restaurants?

Posted by jones m.

Are there any really really good vegetarian restaurants in the SF bay area? i have recently started seeing this girl, and she is a vegetarian, i want to take her to a nice vegetarian restaurant sometime next week...
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some tips. I can't tell you a specific restaurant (not from SF) but I have some good tips for you if you're new to the Veg-head scene. Indian and Thai restaurants often have a whole separate menu for vegetarians that offer plentiful options of flavorful dishes. She'll appreciate you taking here somewhere where there's more than 1 or 2 veggies options like many restaurants. Unless she says otherwise, don't take her to an "American", Italian, or French cuisine restaurant (unless it's specifically vegetarian) because even if they don't have visible meat in the dish, they use lots of animal by-products like lard, meat broths, cream, and egg, ingredients that many vegetarians prefer to avoid. One last tip. You might want to order a vegetarian dish too, or at least avoid ordering a rack of lamb or some other "Meaty" dish--unless you're sure she won't be grossed out. Some vegetarians are very sensitive to the suffering of animals and you may as well have ordered fried human baby in terms of how it emotionally effects some people. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy meat on your own, but be considerate of her feelings if you're trying to woo her!

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