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tofu scramble makes the world go 'round

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am

I don't know what it is about VeganMoFo, but it makes you kinda confessional, doesn't it? I mean, it does me! So I confess to you, dear readers, I am blogging whilst drunk. That's right. Typing a single sentence is taking all I have (thank the heavens for spell check!). See, under normal circumstances, I would just do the right thing and go to bed. But it's VeganMoFo and sober or not, I'm going to attempt to write!

I've had this photo for a long time. Since August, in fact. Fellow bloggers probably know the feeling- you eat something good, you take a good photo of it, you totally have the best intentions to blog about it... but then life happens. Photos build up, events take place, and before you know it, you don't know if said photo is blog-worthy any more. I mean, tofu scramble? All my vegan friends already know about it! What can I possibly say?

This is where VeganMoFo comes in- this is a chance to revisit the basics. Tofu scramble is a thing of beauty, an object of affection, a basic building block of any balanced vegan diet. I remember when I first read about the concept of tofu scramble a few years ago. Tofu, with some veggies and spices, with a little turmeric to color it yellow as a substitute for eggs... it just makes so much sense, right? Eggs are protein, tofu is protein. Scrambled eggs are chunky and savory, tofu scramble has basically the same texture. Somehow, tofu makes vegan life just a little easier- and more delicious!

In the photo above, we have a simple tofu scramble with onions, garlic, and broccoli, given a southwestern flair with the addition of cilantro and a side of salsa, served with tortillas. If you've never had tofu scramble, this is the best time to give it a try. Everyone I've ever made it for, including hardcore omnivores, has loved it. Just start with any veggies you like- peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions? Add any herbs and spices- curry and turmeric are good because of their yellow color, but chili powder, paprika, cumin, oregano, the possibilities are endless. Crumble your firm or extra firm drained tofu in there and stir around until cooked through to allow the liquid to evaporate and the flavors to combine. It's always nice to finish off with some fresh herbs- cilantro, parsley, chives, or any combination you like. Served with some potatoes or bread, and you have yourself a perfect breakfast or brunch.

A propos of nothing... tofu scramble is also a great hangover cure. Just sayin'.

Good night!

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