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Today is Today

Posted Aug 25 2009 10:56pm

That is the way I’m living it.  Breathing and doing everything that I want, and without regret.

But first off I want to thank everyone for taking time to read my Different Kind of Post from last night, seeing as how it was practically a novel.  Your kind worlds and encouragement are just the things that have made me the person that I am and stronger in how I live my life. 

Brad doesn’t want to take much credit for what I wrote about but really, had it not been for getting to know him on that job, working with him, dating him and letting him see sides of me I had never shown before, I would not be where I am today.  Someone who I absolutely adore and <3 has walked into my life, changed it around with or without knowing it and has made me, well, me

I am in his deepest debt.

blog 186

Anyhow…the return to food.  Today was super slow… only 6 birds, and we’re starting an hour earlier so it’s a bit more time for…me to want to bit my fingers off.  But alas…

I’ve decided to start running in the afternoons/evenings after work so I can shower and stay clean for bed…otherwise i have to take two showers if i run in the morning…such a waste of water!  So i woke up this morning to regular oatsWhat?!?!?!   and it’s like, freak’n 90 here everyday with monstrous humidity!  Thank goodness for AC…:D

Oats with cinnamon, peanuts, cranberries and a nanner.  nom.

blog 154

It lasted through my 2 mile bike ride to the tower and a few (three) hrs of standing staring at nothing…so I had my snack: pb bompers, cranberries and h2h.

blog 155

I was still hungry not long after (think seriously, 45 minutes) so i started on my lunch and made it span over an hour and a half.  yeah man: veggie hummus sandwich a carrot and whole grain goldfish.

blog 145

and then look what we saw!!!  VORTEX!!   Or spout…whatever.  Tornado????   I don’t have news so I can’t find out where it touched down, but it was quite nerve wracking watching it develop then disappear over and over again…

blog 149

I had would have taken pics of my snacks but we had visitors (gasp!) so i wasn’t taking any to not look, “odd”: apple cinnamon zbar, nakd strawberry bar, small navel orange.   Too many bars, but i was desperate.  I can’t seem to keep myself satisfied these days.

Then I visited some neighbors with my coworker for a while and came back to do my 4 miler in 35 minutes, 10 walking lunges (while swatting as mossies) and 30 bench pushups.

Dinner was quick and leftovers, so not very exciting.  i start off w/ my apple blueberry fruit bowl:

blog 151

Then a mess of couscous, black beans, salsa, tomatoes, grilled onions and spinach.

blog 153   

And I had more pb bumpers after the fact to satisfy the sweet tooth.

For some reason I’m super pooped, so I’m hitting the hay early.  Again, thank you again for all the kind words on my last post.  You all mean the world to me.  I couldn’t have done it without all of your support!

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