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To Sweat or Not to Sweat?

Posted Jul 28 2011 12:00am
To sweat, or not to sweat? That is the question.

Sure, healthy eating is great. But if you check out the new food pyramid (ahem, did Ms. Obama have something to do with this?) the foundation of any healthy lifestyle is exercise. Walk, jog, hike, swim, dance - it doesn't matter what you do, just do it!

That's me, back when I was but a wee lass (haha, okay - sophomore year of high school) and that's the face I'd make right before passing someone in the 800. Attractive, right? :P

But all kidding aside, that's not how you have to look - or feel - to be doing something good for your body! In my opinion, all those super-intense fitness-oriented food bloggers, who run miles and miles daily or hit the gym for an hour or two at a time on a regular basis, may be scaring off those of us who want to enjoy an active life, but without dedicating set time to exercise.

But the truth? That's just fine!

Fun stuff, like hiking in the Brocken in Germany (above, three summers ago) totally counts!

Or are you going to be an awesome eco-hero and walk/bike back and forth from work? There's your exercise!

Are you a pacer? Lace up your sneakers next time you chat with your BFF on the phone and turn that 20 minute catch-up session into a nice walk (if you hit some hills on your walk, you get bonus points - and a rockin' tush, haha).

In my opinion, being active should be fun. And, if you're eating enough and the right stuff to fuel you up for it (this doesn't mean be 'perfect,' it just means be reasonable), you're getting enough sleep for you (variable for everyone), and you're not being too strict/obsessive about exercising, you will!

Hey, hitting a club and dancing the night away is exercise. ;) So, see? There's something for everyone. :P

My latest fun is: ZUMBA! One of the other girls researching with me this summer has a really cool Mom (she must be in her forties, as the girl is 23, but she looks about 30 years old) who is a Zumba instructor and comes every Tuesday to work up a sweat with us! Yippee for Tuesdays! :)

But, personally? I don't think I'll ever be able to shake my hips or shimmy half as well as she does. :P That's okay, though, because it's fun!

What's your favorite way to be active?

Have you tried anything new recently?
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