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Tips for Batch Cooking.

Posted Nov 28 2012 6:48am

With a little one on the way, I’m trying to be prepared. We’ve been organizing and re-organizing (fitting a baby in our apartment is one thing, fitting all of the baby’s stuff is quite another). One of my big projects this weekend was making food to put in the freezer for later. I’m a big fan of meal planning, but haven’t really tried making meals and freezing them.

Here’s our kitchen after we had our groceries delivered last week (yes, that is Captain Crunch – I have had a few pregnancy weaknesses…)

While I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned, I have enough food in the freezer to last us a good 2-3 weeks. Here’s what we have so far:

  • Lentil Meatballs (dozens) – these are great because they work well as BBQ “meat balls”, for spaghetti and “meat balls” OR they can be used for anything that would normally have ground beef. So, with a little taco seasoning, they work for tacos or I can use them in something like shepherd’s pie.
  • Lasagna – I modified the recipe from Pioneer Woman (mainly because we had different veggies on hand) and we made three big pans. After this, I realized that I need to always make at least 2 at a time. It wasn’t that much more work and a pan of lasagna will provide several meals (or is great if we’re having people over).
  • Mac & Cheese – This was a bit of an impulse decision and I modified Martha’s recipe. But, there are 4 8×8 pans in the freezer. Not the healthiest option – but it’ll be a great side with BBQ Lentil Meat Balls. After having a baby, I’m figure I deserve some comfort food.
  • Broccoli & Cheese soup – 10 servings. Something about winter and soup, I couldn’t help myself.
  • Party Potatoes – I had some left over from Thanksgiving. There’s only one pan, but these are the ultimate in comfort food. Recipe to come!
  • Pot Pies – 2 pies loaded with veggies. Definitely one of the “healthier” options. I’ll post the recipe later this week.

This week, I still have a few things I’m hoping to get done:

  • Spring Rolls – I’ve been craving these like crazy the last few weeks. So, I’m making a baked version.
  • Enchiladas – Like the lasagna, this will feed us several meals or will be great for when people come over.
  • Empanadas – We had some great ones the other day, so I figured they’d freeze well and be a great snack.
  • Chili – I’m making a TON of this since it’s so versatile.
Here are some great articles:

Organizing all of the recipes and making a shopping list definitely took a little bit of time. Some of the recipes were new to me, so I modified them to work for the freezer. When I was looking for recipes, I was hoping to find things that could go straight from the freezer to the stove without defrosting. So far, I’ll just need to defrost the lasagna’s in the fridge the night before (they would just take FOREVER in the oven without defrosting).

Have you done batch cooking? How did it work for you? Any favorite recipes?

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