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This weeks Vegetarian Meals

Posted Feb 26 2011 4:51pm

This weeks Vegetarian Meals from around the web:

A look at vegetarian fighters’ diets
After his first workout of the day, he’ll eat sandwiches with organic
vegetables, and a vegetarian dish like tofu . Before his evening workout,
Fitch will have a meal with brown rice, Quinoa, a high-protein green, with
almond butter, blueberry jam with … more

5 Classic Vegetarian Cookbooks for Green Family Meals
Whether you’re cooking a simple meal or preparing a banquet for a festive
occasion, you’ll find a wealth of pleasure in the Horn of the Moon
Cookbook. There are many more classic vegetarian cookbooks, like the
Moosewood series by Mollie Katzen, … more

Kokoro provides tasty, healthy Asian meals for veggie-lovers
But vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t have to live on appetizers and
salads alone — and they certainly don’t have to here. The regular
vegetable bowl is a steal at $4.79 (with an additional fifty cents forked
over for brown rice). … more

vegetarian meals Eating healthy makes for good business
Caldwell encourages her customers to try different vegetarian meals and
incorporate them slowly into their regular diets. Take baby steps when it
comes to eating, she recommends. She makes complex dishes because anyone
can steam broccoli or cook brown … more

Viva Vegetarian!
Each volunteer group prepares meals each week with a wide variety of
vegetarian dishes, such as curry, chick pea salad, rice dishes and
vegetarian soups. In addition to the prepared meal, every week a sprawling
mountain of handmade bread sits on a … more

Vegetarians push soy , but Cubans prefer pork
It’s a Cuban dilemma: How can the government promote healthy eating when
the country is full of die-hard carnivores, and when vegetarian meals
remind people of an acute food shortage in the early 1990s that made meat
an almost unattainable luxury? … more

Vegetarianism A Rising Trend In MMA
Dave Meltzer has a great piece today delving into the growing trend of
fighters converting toward lighter, vegetarian diets . The move away from
meals where meat is the main focus seems to be becoming a popular choice
for fighters … more

Ovo Vegetarian Diet Protein Sources – LoveToKnow Vegetarian
Ovo vegetarian diet protein sources are very important to maintain
nutritional health and get a balance of nutrients in a diet that doesn’t
include meat or … more

Dog Groomers Lancaster Preparing Vegetarian Diet For Dogs …
More and more people are choosing a vegetarian diet for their dogs. While
one might expect that this choice is the person behind the dog and their
beliefs … more

How Healthy Is A Vegetarian Diet? | LIVESTRONG.COM
How Healthy Is A Vegetarian Diet?. People choose a vegetarian diet for a
number of reasons. They may have an aversion to killing animals or eating
meat, … more

This weeks Vegetarian Meals is from groovy vegetarian

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