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The World Upside Down.

Posted Apr 18 2013 7:35am

Yoga Arm Balances

In days as tragic as Monday was with the Boston Marathon bombings I’m so glad I have a great yoga studio to go to breathe & be thankful for another day of life. My studio offers a lot of workshops to help you grow your practice, this past weekend I attended an arm balancing workshop (first of two that I will attend this month). I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year now & am finally feeling gutsy enough to try more advanced variations of arm balances & inversions.

This workshop focused on crow , handstand , headstandfire fly , paper clip, forearm balance into scorpion  (also known as feathered peacock ) & transitions. First things first, it must be said: the names & poses aren’t what’s important, what’s important is to try. Often times we get so caught up in “I can’t” that we miss the opportunity to surprise ourselves. I say this because it happened to me at this workshop. Kristen, our awesome instructor, asked who didn’t feel really comfortable with a headstand & I raised my hand. Though I’m comfortable with forearm balancing for some reason balancing on my head freaks me out, I think it has to do with visions of me hurting my neck. As soon as I raised my hand she came over to demonstrate how to get into headstand (that’s me on the upper right corner of the image above getting into the pose) & believe it or not, for the first time without a wall behind me, I got into a headstand.  I’m no where near expert level so this was a small victory for me; I felt empowered, accomplished & proud of my body & all it does for me.

I walked out of the workshop excited to continue to try these poses, they’re not as scary as I thought they once were. Sometimes, when the world is upside down (literally), your perspective shifts & you see things, the world, in a whole new light. Here’s to trying new things & not being afraid to be upside down!

Have you tried inversions or arm balances before? Which one is your favorite & why? 

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