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The Perfect Weight?

Posted Apr 09 2014 11:33am


Is there really such a thing? When I first started my weight loss journey I thought there was — I was dead set on reaching a certain number. All of my time at the gym, monitoring my food intake & changing my patterns all revolved around this number I somehow had placed on a pedestal…thinking this way is dangerous. A couple of months ago we saw a living example of this with Rachel Frederickson at the Biggest Loser Finale . Ending the finale at 105 pounds crowned her the most controversial winner in Biggest Loser history  – Is this what happens when we become obsessed with the scale? I recently read an article stating now, two months after the finale, Rachel has gained twenty pounds & has reached her “happy weight” which got me thinking, is there such thing as the perfect weight?

In my opinion there is no such thing as the perfect weight. What we weight shouldn’t matter. Hear me out…I know there are things like BMI that place you in “overweight” categories even if you look like a perfectly healthy individual. This happens because these measurements take only numbers into account, completely neglecting important factors like muscle mass (muscle weighs more than fat), body composition, etc. Living your life believing you should weight a certain number simply because you’ve been conditioned to doesn’t make it right. It took me many years to learn this lesson, & after finally realizing I’m more than a number, I’m happier. Here’s what I think my “happy weight” is now…

My happy weight is fitting into my clothes comfortably. After I reached a certain size I stopped obsessing over the numbers & just focus on how my jeans are fitting. If they’re too tight I work a little harder, if they’re loose I indulge a little more. It’s a much more simple approach that still keeps me accountable to take care of my body & be mindful of how I treat it. I’m a Latina woman who is curvy, I will never come close to weighing 105lbs & that’s perfectly okay! Goals are great motivators but they should not never be unreasonable. They shouldn’t be enslaving, they should be liberating & push us to a better version of ourselves. 

Today & every day, I encourage you to not get bogged down by the impossible standards of beauty our society holds us to. You’re much more than any picture of a skinny model or the latest commercial on TV can even begin to describe. Believe me, it’s true!

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