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The Newest Edition of "The Most Bizarre Google Searches by Which People Stumble Across This Blog"

Posted May 27 2009 10:53pm

"Let's Make Fun of Stupid People for Being Stupid and Also Gross!"

With brilliant commentary by the brilliant Lindy Loo who is also awesome and apparently brilliant.

  • girls shits in cake mixture

  • asses shitting free movie tube [In today's faltering economy, these really ARE the kinds of asses you want to know.]

  • why are vegetarians such assholes [because we have to deal with fucktards like you asking fucktarded questions like this one, fucktard]

  • Teen ass tube

  • rose ass tube

  • Moms ass tube

  • hot mama

  • how to lick your lips seductively [You have surely come to the wrong place for answers to that. *Drooling profusely from my fat drool-mouth*]

  • eat my ass tube [No thank you. I just had a big lunch.]

  • Heart Attack Balls

  • When the shit hit the pan

  • 3 cups and shit

  • Where does the name lindy loo come

  • Lentils make my shit green [Congrats, dude!]

  • Vegetable facking [clearly not getting laid because (s)he can't spell]

  • Nippules pic [probably has never seen a nipple in real life. Or excuse me: "nippule"]

  • Pleasantly plump pussy [aww yeah to alliteration]

  • Freddie prinze [Freddie Prinze: Rocking the vegan ass tube circuit.]

  • Vegan jumbo mac n cheese [hell, *I* now want to see the jumboiest mac n cheese too, dammit! I hope it's like 6'5" and manly!]

  • Eating shit directly from ass [Fuck utensils! Just dig in!]

(For past editions, click HERE )
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