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The gardening post

Posted Mar 16 2009 4:08pm

I haven’t mentioned (not here at least)  but Alex and I are growing a garden this year. We moved out to this flat in the beginning of december and since we have been dreaming of and planning on making our own garden. I think it’s a bit symbolic as well, we’re getting married in May and growing a garden together. Make gardens, not babies, is a great slogan for us to live by.

These last few days we have been buying seeds and thinking of what bushes to get and, wow, the list is long.

I’ll just dive right into it and tell you what’s going in the garden (that I know so far!)

Thyme, marjoram, parsley, basil, oregano, lemon basil, chives..

Little basil seedlings..

These are small basil seedlings.

As far as vegetables go:

Tomatoes, spinach, multi coloured swiss chard, mixed colour carrots, zucchini, broccoli, 3 types of lettuce, brussels sprouts, 2 types of haricots verts (to climb up a trellis) and one type of low growing sugar snap pea.

Are we missing something important? We don’t want to grow potatoes and onions because thay’re so cheap to buy in the store and they take up a lot of space. I am all open to suggestions!

I planted a nice little cherry tree yesterday, it took a lot of digging, and apparently we have lots of clay and many big stones. I’m sore all over today but it was definitely worth it. Other than that, we dug up a flower bed, planted a few daffodils (I don’t like them, but Alex does), planned out where we’re having different bed for vegetables and cleaned the yard a bit.

We looked at different berry bushes as well and I think we’re going to get raspberries and blackberries and possibly black currants. Oh and I want a blueberry bush… and lots of strawberry plants.

I love my cherry tree

Here’s me! Tired, dirty, hungry.. but incredibly happy about having planted the cherry tree.

What do you guys have in your gardens? What’s your favourite thing to grow? What vegetable do I have to try and make space for?

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