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Survey: What kind of vegetarian are you. Only vegetarians answer.?

Posted May 21 2010 4:57am 1 Comment

So who’s here? Vegans? Occasional “bascksliders?” Tell me what kind of vegetarian you are.

I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since I was 10. That’s 17 years now. I have backslid a couple times (tuna sandwich or something) but I bet it’s less than 10 times in those 17 years. But all in all, I condsider myself pretty faithful to my decision.

I would like to be vegan, but I have never managed to have the willpower.. I ADORE Miracle Whip, for one thing, and still crave it. I am not picky about veganism at restraunts. Sure, i’ll eat the chese or the eggs. I do love chese. BUT it should be noted that pretty much everythin in my house is vegan. It’s only when I eat out that I let it slide. But I would be careful to not call myself a real Vegan. Almost vegan.. mostly vegan.. but not Vegan.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL.. tell me about your diet.

Answers below in Comments Section

Survey: What kind of vegetarian are you. Only vegetarians answer. is from groovy vegetarian

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I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian too of some 23 years.  Been solid with no intentional back slides.

 Gave up all dairy for one month as part of a cleanse and it nearly killed me.  Don't do cow's milk anymore and very little cheese but cannot and will not give up butter or chocolate!  So 50% vegan?  Is that a good label?

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